The videos I recommand...or not

Here is an exhaustive list of the videos I have about the Beast of Gévaudan. Some are good to lear, others are good to laugh, I let you chose which is which...
After this table you can find links to other videos, some I made.

Title Director Year Support Availability
La bête du Gévaudan Michel SUBIELA 1967 DVD Only in the 4 DvD edition of the "Brotherhood of the wolves".
Alain Decaux raconte : La bête du Gévaudan Alain Decaux ?? Digital file Archives of the INA.
La bête du Gévaudan Philippe BORDIER 2000 VHS
Brotherhood of the wolves Christophe GANS 2001 DVD Stil available.
La bête en Gévaudan : autopsie d'un mythe David TEYSSANDIER 2001 French channel France 3 et 5
La Bête du Gévaudan Patrick VOLSON 2002 DVD Stil available.
Animal X Story Teller Media Group 2009 Web/DvD Found on the web.
The real Wolfman Story House Productions 2009 DVD No info about the diffusion.

There's also everything you can find on the Internet. However I can only recommand this Youtube channel.

If you want to go on in your discovery, don't miss the following videos!