The Cabinet of the King in the 18th century

Nothing but a private joke and this question "how far can I go in detail?"

If the places in Gévaudan nearly look the same to those by the time of the Beast(for those who still exist...), it's not the same for the gardens and the cabinet of the king which, since the beginning o the years 1800, will be changed and improved until it looks like what we kno today.

On the plan below, I colored the buildings I've re-created. There is at the same time the localisation on the map (whee you can see what it looked like in 1800) and a miniature of the building itself.

Plan of the development of the Jardin des Plantes by landscapist Gabriel Thouin

I had to start with a very small drawing on this page, the building miniature is on top on the right (the building on the plan is at the bottom, in red). Not obvious, I had to improvise a lot, but I find the result satisfying for now:

The cabinet of the King:

According to Thouin

What I've made...

Here from the center, looking at the left wing...

...and from the end of the wing looking to the center

You may have noticed that the building is complete on the first picture and not anymore on the others. That's just because I have an old computer that couldn't handle more of the the details I'd made on this project. Facing crashes repeatedly, I had to resign and erased most of the details and present an unfinished project for now, and only for the Cabinet of the king, the others being small enough to have all the details.

Cages of ferocious animals:

Entrance of the gardens:

Gardens near the Valhubert entrance:

From above

Gardens with the entrance at the top right

If you also have projects of re-created buildings from the time of the Beast, I would be honoured to present them on this page. All you need to do is to contact me.

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