Hunters who came to kill the Beast

Like I often say, one same person can not have all the knowledge necessary to understand the case of the Beast of Gévaudan. There are so many people who took part (soldiers, nobles, wolf-hunters, peasant, abbots, judges, etc...), that it seems logical to me that there are professionnal in each domain.
I'm more like an "info collector". I don't have any peculiar competence except my logical sense, but I've met through the years many professionnals in these domains we need. I'm gratefull to all of them.

Considering military matters, so many mistakes have been made - sometimes since the case itself! - all through the years that it is hard to seperate truth from ignorance. And truth there is in army's history, regardless the case of the Beast.
For this section, specialist Patrick Berthelot has accepted to settle here in the Shadow of the Beast to share with everyone his discoveries for free.

Some of the texts are from M. Berthelot himself, but I've also put my opinion.
But that's only my own private personnal opinion...

Safe journey, may the Beast keep you!

Puce UN Duhamel Puce DEUX D'Enneval Puce TROIS Antoine Puce QUATRE Apcher & Chastel Puce Chronologie Chronology

Puce DuhamelThe first line
Puce Duhamel The captain Puce Volontaires The volunteers Puce Armes Weapons & equipement
Not yet translated
Puce Chevaux Horses

Puce LouveterieThe Normans
Puce blason des Denneval The d'Enneval Puce Equipage The crew Puce Louveterie The Louveterie

Puce LouveterieThe arquebuse-bearer
Antoine - Father Antoine - Son Puce Equipage The dogs Puce Mises en scène The Gamekeepers Puce chasse des Chazes The hunt of the Chazes

Puce ApcherThe locals
Puce Apcher The marquis The Chastel Puce Equipage The twelve Puce 19 juin The hunt on June 19th Puce Armes Chastel's riffle Puce fusil gauche Replica of Chastel's riffle Puce tir Chastel's shot

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