Presentation of Jean-Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d'Enneval, wolf hunter from Normandy.

Jean-Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d'Enneval (but you can also find it written d'Enneval, d'Eneval, Denval or d'Anneval) - 1703-1769. Born near Vimoutiers, He was a gentleman of the land of Auge. Son of Charles-Yves and Marie-Anne de Fresnel, he will marry Marguerite-Jacqueline de Malherbe de la Gravelle who will give him a son: Jean-François, born on March 8th 1734.
"One of the best wolf hunters that ever was", as said by his friend Le Verrier de la Conterie, famous huntsman from Normandy. He and his son have killed more than twelve thousand wolves and even freed the royal forest of Eu, in Normandy, from the woves that infested it. His son was captain at the regiment of Bresse in 1762, then in the regiment of Alençon.

Liveray and armorial bearings of Jean-Charles-Marc-Antoine Vaumesle d'Enneval, Great Wonf-hunter from Normandy in the Generality of Alençon - Election from Argentan. He was sometimes mentionned, inside the Provincial Louveterie, as Martin d'Enneval or monsieur le marquis d'Enneval. His blason was close to his father's, Charles-Yves de Vaumesle, Squire, Lord of Enneval (husband of Marie des Hays) : " D'azur à trois aigles d'or 2 & 1, sur un soleil de même en chef".

Thanks to sieur de Lavigneu, Intendant of Alençon, and his friend Cromeau from Paris, Finance clerk (Acting Comptroller General of Finance Clément-Charles de l'Averdy) d'Enneval's wish to take part in the hunt for the Beast of Gévaudan came to king Louis XVth. He was helped in his labor by his son, Squire and captain i the regiment of Bresse (white costume, collar, cuffs and blue jacket) located in Alençon until the dissolution of novembre 1762. He then served, with the same grade, in the regiment of the recruits of Alençon (white outfit and jacket with chamois collar, cuffs and setback).

There were 33 regiments of that kind untill 1765, then only seven in 1766, six in 1767, and at last only one in 1768, which was reformed for the services in the colonies before being dissolute in 1773. Jean-François had a military disponibility of this regiment (special leave) to go with his father in Gévaudan. Their crew was completed with their official whipper (dogs valet riding) but also a bloodhounds valet from the Louveterie of the count of Montesson du Maine.

The d'Enneval sometimes hunt on their lands in Normandy, accompagnied by the count and his crew and sometimes also with the marquis of Oillianson (famille Oillianson / Williamson) who was a famous huntsman and first wolf hunter of the Perche. In Gévaudan, Their crew was consolidate by the service of the brothers Lafayette, three excellent hunters pobably from Aurillac, who came whith a doctor. To all that you had to add the Knhight of Montluc, brother of the subdelegate of Saint-Flour, and four of their whippers.