Presentation of Robert-François-Marc Antoine de Beauterne.

Robert-François-Marc Antoine

Functions and titles:

- Cavalier of Ordinary Guard of the light troops (lieutenant of cavalery) since May 10th 1763 until december 31st 1779. He also was arquebuse-bearer, for the Dauphin, and for the king Louis XVth, then arquebuse-bearer and lieutenant of the shooting hunts of His Majesty Louis XVIth.

His big brother, Jean-François Antoine, Lord of Frileuse, was captain in this very same unit in the Red House of His Majesty Louis XVth the Beloved. Besides this military function, he - who was Knight of Saint-Louis since 1758 - also served as arquebuse-bearer of the Dauphin then the king, and as lieutenant and Shooting Commander of the kingat the Captaincy of Saint-Germain-En-Laye. His other attributes were the titles of Guard of King Powders Store and the Cabinet of War Weapons. Under Louis XVIth's reign, Jean-François Antoine became the First Lieutenant of the king's hunts in Rambouillet. This castle and its domain will be lately acquired by the king on december 29th 1783. We can think that his title for the land "de Frileuse" was obtained with the purchase of a property in Eure et Loir, land that is half-brother Robert-François-Marc Antoine knew well, as his wife was from the city of Houdan, bordering the Yvelines, North-East from Eure et Loir. The lords of Beauterne (including Jean de La...) were all from that region. But there are others lands "de Frileuse", in the Yvelines, and despite any document to prove otherwise, we can only wonder.

Excerpt from discussion with Patrick Berthelot, about the signature "de Beauterne" :
"[...] I think I have found the origin of feud and particle "de Beauterne". This particle was probably obtained in 1771, after his mariage with Elisabeth-Sophie Thierry from the city of Avray, who was from the city of Houdan (near the "de Beauterne" land) and who posessed and probably had in her dowry the land of Beauterne, bought to descendants of sieur Jean de la Gravelle, Lord of Beauterne !... This lord was also member of the Church of Houdan! At this time, there are no other plausible explanation!... So, or the signature in the archive you're talking about is a fake (incriminated signature below), or the use of the particle "de Beauterne" was abusive and illegal. But in 1765, maybe was Elisabeth already promised to Robert-François-Marc Antoine and that knowing that he would get this particle by marying his wife, he would have used it before he owned the land to make a difference between his father and him. It is a kind of anticipated theft, causing no great harm, but justifying, in this case, that he was not yet "de Beauterne" in Gévaudan."

Patrick Berthelot

Now I hope to dare that this should satisfy all theorists: