Hunt by François Antoine in the forest of the abbey of the Chazes.

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History ( not exhaustive ):
The marquis becomes colonel at the regiment of gendarmerie in Lunéville, then Camp Marshall and Knight of St.-Louis' Order. He serves on the particular states of Gevaudan. Designated deputy of nobility at the the Constituent Assembly in 1789, he quits and gives the place to his cousin Alexandre de Châteauneuf-Randon, the «red marquis». Appreciated and respected by the revolutionnary as much as by the noble,he will be reported to the authorities in Le Puy during the Terror (1664/1667). Arrested in the middle of the night with his family and driven in prison, he's set free und er the rpessure of the people from Saugues and Cubelles. His property confiscated in 1791, he emigrated to Spain and died in Barcelona November 9th 1798.

from the work by Alain Bonet