Chronodoc by Alain Bonet
Fausse couverture

last page update : september 2013 - Chronology version 5.0

Try to imagine a manuscript which would contain all the documents written by the time of the Beast, explained by many searchers, passionnates, authors, which allow you to have an objective overview of the case.

A text regrouping everything we know between 1764 and 1767, but also everything relevant to before and after the case, under the form of a detailled chronology of an unequaled quality.
The story of the Beast outright ; all without frills and without fanciful theory.

This document exists.

It's the one I use as soon as I need a detail of the story I can find nowhere else in my books. It's a tool already used by a lot of people. But it's not meant to be reserved for an "elite" (understand "people who know things that others ignore", and not "people who are intellectually superior to others"!). My purpose is in the opposite way, as I try to get in contact with as many people as possible. So, the author of this document and myself have decided to make it available to Internet users entirely free.

Because knowledge or education must not be a matter of money.

So enjoy, and know that updates will be made regularly, because some documents are still in decryption and will be added, once a year, to those already contained in this chronology.

Its creator, Alain Bonet (e-mail him your questions) and myself are grateful to respect this work and to report the origin of each passage you would use in any work.

These documents are in FRENCH and in .pdf format, you need to have Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it and want to install it on your computer, click here and follow the steps to install. Moreover, the pdf files of this site are always opened in a new window to allow you to go on visiting the site while having information open.

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