An eastern wolf who came by migration into Gévaudan. Of course, he used to feed on the bodies of the dead soldiers of the Seven Years war (1756 / 1763).
The question of wolf is highly controversial. One can understand why when you see the sanitized world that is planned for us, where a thing has to be virtual to exist (funny paradox of this 21st century). The wolf is a predator, no doubt about this and as Michel Louis himself told me on the phone: "stop believing in the Little Red Riding Hood". A few talks with wolves defenders convinced me that wolf does not attack man. "To scared" Franz would say, And I kinda think like him: a wolf, even droven out of the woods by hunger, will always choose the easiest prey. Between the young shepherd armed with a stick and the defenseless lamb, the animal makes his whoice easily, I'm sure of it, and won't aim for the shepherd. You can see it with the behavior of reintroduced wolves who came to France: they never aim for something else than the flock!


But Professor Jean-Marc Moriceau gave us interesting archives about wolves'attacks on man.
So waht? We were mistaken, sorry for your loss?
It's a bit more complicated than that: it happens from time to time through the history of a country, a people, that famine or disease kills people and "leads the wolves out of the woods". One can remember Courteaud, the ig alpha male of the pack that terrorized Paris in the 15th century, but there are many other cases of killer animals through history. According to mister Moriceau, a very smal percentage of wolves can become a man-eater.

I would add that the health of the human society they live close to is also important. What to say, during a famine, of a wolf less scared than the others who, because he can't find anything to eat in the wild, eats some of the body of a man who died from hunger? From there to thinking that he feels more and more confident and ends up killing "almost dead" people or even people in good health, there's only one small step. But these things were rare: Jean-Marc Moriceau found 3000 attacks of wolves on man in 500 years, which is an average of only 6 attacks every year.
Moreover, the triggering conditions of that kind of behavior from the wolves is almost impossible to have nowadays, besides some countries in India or so it seems. The wolf which comes back in our lands is not the one which will eat us. Let's compare the attacks found by mister Moriceau with the number of attacks by dog each year in France: between 250 000 and 400 000. Among all those victims, at least 70 000 end in an hospital with heavy surgery. 22% of the victims would be children under the age of 9 (hospital source).
Let's finish with this summary table:

Wolf Dog
Number of attack in one year in France 6*
(average on 500 years)
between 250 000
and 400 000
Number of shospitalizations in one year in France ?? 70 000

* in times where wolves were much more numerous than today in France...

So, do you still think wolf is dangerous?
But that's just my own personnal private opinion...

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