What was the Beast according to other theories

Here are most of the other identities that has been given by other searchers:

Brown bear

L'ours brun d'Europe

To my thought it's impossible: bear hibernates in winter, not the Beast.



L'ours brun d'Europe

This theory comes from the story of Bégou, a peasant who claims he has seen the Beast rising up on two legs to stand like a man.



Lynx européen

Could have been, but a lynx only weighs 30 Kg maximum, the Beast was more than 50 Kg!



Tigron : hybride entre lion 1et tigre

This is a hybrid between lionness and a tiger, but it weighs more than 100 Kg, proof it was no tigon.



L'hémicyon, surnommé le chien-ours

Sort of "wolf-bear" of Pleistocene, it would have survived away from the sight of man before coming back to light in the 18th century Gévaudan. I don't believe in ancient animals which survived through ages without man knowing it, even though sometimes nature can play tricks on us, like for the coelacanth. But on the path of the forgottent monster, I like much better to think of a surviving group of Bullenbeisser, mastiff and... danish ancester!


Giant wolverine

Le carcajou, plus connu sous le nom de Glouton

This created-for-the-occasion "Gulo gulo gevaudensis", understant "giant wolverine" would have been an unknown species of north amarican wolverine...but in France.


African wild dog

Le lycaon

It's an african canine which, I must admit, has several similitudes with the Beast. Unfortunately its maximum weight is 35 Kg…. Moreover, this animal exclusively lives in Southern Africa, in the steppes and savannah, nothing to see with Gévaudan.



Le smilodon

Smilodon is in fact the other name of a well-known prehistoric feline, the "saber tooth tiger". It's a theory developped in the french novel "De mémoire de Bête" by Jean-Yves DUCHEMIN.



Le thylacine

Thylacine, or marsupial wolf, or Tasmanian tiger, is officially extinct since 1936 but many recent videos show animals that seem to be thylacine in the wild and around houses in remote places. As I said, Nature can sometimes play tricks on us... Anything to investigate?


Cannibal soldiers


This is what André Aubazac deduced in his books "La Bête du Gévaudan, les faits, l'effet, les fées des mots pour des maux, Démo", published in 2009. Want to know more about that? Click right here.


Besides, you must know that in the year 1765, many animals were not discovered yet, like the African wild dog, the Kenyan spotted hyena, Australian dingo, the thylacine or siberian tiger and many more animals that has been said to have been the Beast.

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