Miniatures about the Beast of Gévaudan

Page reserved to the presantation of other artistic works on the theme of the Beast.

Fisrt of all we have those two carved scenes, made by painters Laurent Ducan and Fabien Dougnier.


An other artist, an other view. This time it's about a journey through Gévaudan with this pictures signed by Philippe Fourcadier... From june 2d to august 28th 2011 in Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole and still on his website...


A new model, made by Bernard Garnier, depicting the lonelyness of a child facing the Beast. A duel that can only end in blood, unless a miracle occurs...

Want to see your work on this page? Nothing simplier: send me as many pictures as you can (link below) with a short desciption of your work and I'll do the rest.

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