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The myth of the Beast of Gévaudan asks many questions, not always unerasonnableand for which, until today at least, I have found an explanation. From the testimoies of that time, one describes the Beast like insensible to bullets shots from fireguns, avoiding traps, moving on long distance in obly one day. But we knw the Beast was no wolf.
So what was it?

Before we start, let's make sure we talk about the same thing, right? What's an hybrid? it's a crossbreeding in a same species or sub-species. Impossible between species so forget about half-lion half-bear monsters. In this case, if we agree on the fact the Beast was an animal, the species is canis. It's the only thing we're certain of when reading Marin's report or the letter from Auvergne, with the fact that the Beast did not look like a wolf except from the back". We can think about an hybrid of wokf and dog to legitimate this differencebetween a wolf and the Beast.

the thoery of the hybrid can, under some circumstances, explain the case. But only under some circumstances. The pack of wild identical animals is to eliminate for a simle fact of schedule: the animals would have been seen together, or in different places at the same time, and this was never the case. But identical members of a same family are not rare as showed by this picture:


I asked Sophie Licari about hybridization and the possibility to have one hybrid as the Beast. Here is her answer:

The introgression (genetic term) of the dog in wolf, one coming from the other, constantly interfertile and sharing for millennia the same extremely vast territory (until the wolf disappears completely from many territories due to man), is an important thing in the history of the wolf population in all continents.

Bone remains, several testomonies and today genetics studies, make us think that hybridization was usual. Considering their psychological profile, hybrids could live a dog's life, or be a wolf in the wild. People were very curious about hybridization in the middle 18th century. Buffon himself grew hybrids for experimentation (he called them "donkey-dogs"). A hybrid of dog and wolf which, according to the genetic lottery, would have more of a wolf's look, or more of the dog's, even a perfectly balanced mix of both, would never have looked strange to the people of this time, no matter how big it was.

The crossbreeding between a wolf and a mastiff dog (which surely have falling ears because of the biological process that gae birth to this type of dogs) shall give a first generation of animals with also falling ears, not pointy like a wolf's or some other dogs. The caracteristic of the falling ears being genetically prevailling on the other .

The dog, though fearful, even agressive, beaten and made agressive on purpose, is man's commensal (an form of life that lives at the expense of man without being lethal to him). It's also a very gregarious animal. A lonly dog that ea ts man flesh for years instead of sheep, and chich don't simply come to "empty the garbages" in the villages around, it is unlikely. As for a wolf and dog hybrid which would have become mad because of man, he would have tried to eneter a pack of wild dogs or wolves."

Sophie Licari

The track of the hybrid is to be held carefully, because no matter what the race of the father was (or the morher's, we agree on that) the hybrid could not have had an "unknown look" to the peasants. Anyway I think , I even hope to find one day an element to re-oped this theory, which is one of the bests to me. But it's only my own personnal thought.

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