Superbe album by Gaël Hémery, composed from french folklore

Those of you who saw my second documentary already know the music by Gaël Hémery without even knowing it. He gave me some music he composed for a project about the Beast. Two years later, the album is finished and available.

I'm not here to promte his work, to tell you to buy it because you have to, no, no business on this website.
Et ça tombe bien parce que je ne vais pas en faire. Je voudrais juste vous parler de ce que je pense de cet album, sans arrière pensée capitaliste.

First of all, you have to know that the songs have been made the way they were i the time of the Beast. No more no less but what peansants had during their evening gathering or at the tavern. Don't expect any synthetic sound or electric guitar, you'd have it all wrong.
Because this album was made for everyone. Yet if you don't have a bit of imagination, this album light sound a bit ordinary but if you do, you'll enter a world you never imagined. The simplicity of melodies, the use of old instruments, songs in occitan, all this allows you almost perfectly to dive into the peasant life of the time of the 18th century. You can see faces filled with fera, children hiding in their mother's dress, men in despair...

Life in Gévaudan, real life, that peasant lived day after day, is now accessible thanks to this fantastic music.
The best way is to listen to one passage of the album, courtesy by Gael to all passionates. It's called "Lop". I give you translation along with the original lyrics of the song...! Click on the title to play the song (opens in a new tab).


"Pòrta-lampi dau demòni / Scout of the Devil
Fanau de l'espavènt / Lantern of terror
De vaguesons en vaguesons / Erring and erring
Dins l'inconscient / In the unconscious
Claror verdala di sorieras / Greenish glow of darkness
Manja crestian di tarnagàs / Devourer that is promised to small turbulent children
Totjorn à la fin de l'istori / At the end of the story it is always the wolf
Estrangla-lop / That is killed

Lop oblida la luna, Lop / Wolf, forget the moon, wolf
Lop revira lo masca / Wolf, drop your mask
Leissa lo lop garo / And give up your were-wolf"

Caracteristics :
- Matte card case.
- 1 CD with 13 tracks, total reading: 42 minutes.
- a booklet with lyrics and translation

Interested? Click here to go on the website of the store (FRENCH SITE).
Price: 15 euros

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