Some of the favorite montages I made through the years, showing the evolution of my vision of the Beast since the beginning of my quest in 1997.

The Beast, 2007 version

For this first try of "realistic effect", I started with the testimonies and created this hybrid of hena and dog. Most of all I wanted to create an animal that seemed to come from a legend book.

The Beast, 2008 version

This animal has been the base to many of my past works because the anatomic measurements are correct. As for the head, it is the work of Sébastien Seghi, a passionate who drew this portrait for the cover of my first documentary (in 2007). I just re-dimensionned the head to fit on the rest of the body. But now that time has passed, this poor animal has no neck!

The Beast, 2009 version

Colored version, which is just a montage: the dog is real, the forest too. The "color effect" is just used to make both pictures coherent together.

True false painting of the Beast

Made just like the one above, with a painting effect.

Do you have a personnal drawing to share? Send them to me with a small note and I will publich it on this page.

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