Since september 1997 you have been hunters to come on this website. Thanks.

Last update : on the 27th of September, year MMXV.


Fisrt of all: my apologies, I'm not english but I've tried to translate this website as well as I could. So don't hesitate to write to tell me if you can't understand something (sometimes even my French is not clear...).

Secondly, you are here on one of the most complete website about the Beast of Gévaudan, if not the only one. I've been studying the case for the past 18 years and I've met lots of people (I've met all the main searchers in this domain) and my purpose here is to give you as many information as possible to let you make your own choices.

As you will see, there are four big categories in which you will find all the info you need, plus a bit more! If you should find any mistake, send me a mail to tell me all about it!

Time now for me to say bye, stay alive and may the Beast keep you!

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